Are investors herd to Australia Property Market? Will the investment into Australia’s real estate market rise? These are the questions that need to be answered.

According to ANZ Chief Economist Warren Hogan, “One in five sales were from foreigners (earlier this year), which is an extraordinary high rate.” “Domestic and International investors are continuing looking for value in the next tier of cities in Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth.”

Despite the weakening Australian dollar and slowing economy, there are investors especially foreign investors believe and forecast to have a better market. Australian market is still an attractive destination for investors especially Chinese.

Anyhow, Australian market is considered to be doing well despite the record lows and the interest rate remains at 2%. Declining currency rates boosts commercial property and investors interested to enter the market. Although, there is a risk but still interested to invest the market for a long term. They strongly believe that currency will be stabilized. When the unemployment is slowing down, new opportunities open and residential market may boost.


Based on the figures released by CoreLogic RP Data this week, “Perth’s overall dwelling prices dropped 2.8% in the month of October and 6.1% during 2015.

According to SQM Managing Director Louis Christopher, “That’s a sign the market is in downturn.”

We are experiencing global financial crisis and Australia is in the loop of suffering. Dropping of house prices fall as the number of new dwelling on the market surge and influence the market with discounting. Australia’s resources struggle with higher unemployment due to the mining downturn. The recession in the Perth caused by the decline in mining sector unemployment has impacted in surplus of supply. Despite the house prices drop, rental market in Perth also suffering the vacancy rate. It will continue to fall if the interest rate remains. Will continue until next year? Will oversupply issues continue?


Perth median house price fell last September and it continued decline this October. In the past 3 months, house prices have fallen for 4%. Mining downturn is the factor why we have this effect.

According to REIWA President Hayden Groves, “Stock levels were high, with the number of properties, for sale is Perth hitting 16,000 in the past week.

Although Western Australia capital fell but Perth market is close to bottom. WA economy had experienced with level out change because of lower Australian dollar and no interest rate cut. Business confidence is low and this is the key issue affects the housing market.

In order to avoid the market heading towards the bottom, confidence needs to be restored. By having strong confidence, investors and aspirational buyers attract the market. Unemployment rate should reach the high level. The prediction of the market is heading towards the bottom; then why we create and use the plenty opportunities to go up.  In time, property market will be restored.