REIA President Peter Bushby said, “Prices were expected to improve in 2013.” “We expect to see increase growth in the market based on improving affordability, coupled with recent interest rate reductions,” he added.  Australian house prices set to rise in 2013 because of the RBA cut the cash rate last December 4.  We have strong demand for rental properties nowadays and Perth leads the path. Perth leads the nation in terms of property price growth and experienced 5-7% growth which is the largest growth.  Next year will have better market and prospected to have higher median prices.


Based on the RP data- Rismark Home Vale Index, it shows 0.4% rose across the nation’s eight capital cities last month, indicating the property sector is heading for a recovery. Interest rate cuts and this is the favorable conditions that investors invest and back to the market. Among 8 capital cities, Darwin is the strongest performer followed by Perth and Brisbane. This is the ideal time to purchase a house or a land because home values are in average and cash rate is low. Hope that all capital cities will improve and become more stable market.




Australia’s Central Bank cut the official interest rate last Tuesday, December 04, 2012 to 3.0%.  This is the low record rate release by Central Bank this year. Because of the interest rate cut, Australian dollar rise a bit. It will help the growth of the economy to sustain. It really helps also for the stabilization for the Economy. This is the good end for this year and a good start for 2013. We will expect a stable economy next year that makes property market booms and more competitive.

According to RP Senior Analyst Cameron Kusher, “Perth was the standout among the major capital cities in November although there was space for more improvement.” Perth house values increase up to 1.2% in November because of the migrants. Perth experienced improvement because of so many investors put an investment. Even Perth is one  of the expensive capital cities but still there are a lot of migrants want to live because of so many opportunities both workers and investors. This is a great start for next year and hope it will continue the improvements that we are experiencing right now.

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