For September, the rate of national house price ran down to 2.4% compared to last quarter according to the recently released NAB quarterly property report (attached) The run-down of house pricing varies with other cities accelerated declination but WA bucked the trend and to manage to produce small index gains. Despite the conditions in other states, Queensland remained the weakest performing mainland state. In contrast, WA conditions were still the strongest. In the world of business, we need to be optimistic and to be confident enough to our prospective views although nowadays house prices fell down and survey respondent's confidence dropped 20% to be deducted 17% in June. Instead of thinking their expectations are overly pessimistic property investors had, so better to tighten the belts to remains standing and makes their business strong. We also noted that construction costs binds as a significant constraints to new developments. Activity remained subdued this month, noted the construction costs is "somewhat significant" and this greatest concerns of WA, where reported much better conditions and the mining and the service sectors generally remained strong.

Based on the business expectations graph, maybe the price will rise and hopefully expected to recover by September 2013. "New housing conditions are very at present, "Dr. Harley Dale said , the HIA Chief Economist; "For those who are in a Financially capable situation to build a home, now is a very good time to contemplate doing so."

NAB Residential Property Survey _September 2011


In previous months, the property market has declined because most of WA homeowners are refusing to sell their properties. Perth house prices fell by 4.1% and many investors were worried in about how they will cope this crisis. Perth is one of  the cities in West Australia which Perth's median house and unit prices had declined. According to the state's land Authority Landgate," The number of sales was 23.9% more than in July and a  4.1% more than a year earlier, the data will be particularly welcomed by sellers and real estate following  a dismal 1st half of the year, with the lowest number of home sales and transfers a decade". Investors have nothing to worry about the crisis instead find strategic marketing  plan to be able to go up again. The Urban Development Institue of Australia WA President Debra Goostrey  said also that it appeared confidence in the market was improving.


The property markets are stable and some investors are worried that the value of their properties are dropping.Many are asking, Is the Property markets able to go up? Of course we all know the fact that there will be just so many snag to jump over that we understand what the future of the property market hold for us and to have exposition for everybody.. According to Mr.Stewart Darby, the REIWA's research boss; "Our members are also reporting that there is less discounting  going on with sales, which suggests that sellers are finally getting the message and agreeing to price where properties to meet the market and not to hold out for unrealistic expectations".. The key drivers of how our property markets are going change are: population growth, changing in our lifestyle, change the interest rates, and successful investors will need to disregard the "market noise" and not to be intimidated by the small stuff.


Spring is traditionally an active time in the Perth property market. According to Mr. Alan Bourke, the Reiwa president; The start of spring already has shown good signs for Perth's property mark. He added also that the market always picks up in spring and he strongly believed the absolute bottom of the market. Spring also is the best time to buy a home because it is the worst time to buy a home. Every spring is like a tootin' real estate signs begin in multiplying like bunnies across the country. Typically the marketplace is flooded with inventory. Spring is considered as a busier month in the property sector because there is a belief that an important reason is a change in the attitudes of sellers in recent weeks.


Perth house prices fell by 4.1% across the year June 30, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. A recent article in the Australian also noted that this was the largest through the year decrease since the March quarter 2009 (-7.0%) and the ABS reveal that Perth was the only capital city not to record an improvement in falling house prices during the June Quarter. Although Perth showed no quarterly movement in the December quarter 2010, it is still affecting the decreasing of house prices in which was the result of increase in Melbourne and other cities. Even Perth alone experienced a drop with a house prices falling by 2.0% during the year, still believe that many developers are starting to look Perth because land prices have seen some fairly significant falls.


Just checked our vacancy rate and it is sitting at 0.33%.  We are averaging 8 groups per property at our home opens. This rental demand will provide support for the property market.  It seems that people are choosing to rent rather than buy in the current economic circumstances. One day this will turn around and then we will see upward movement in house prices. Adam Bettison